Limited editions. Exclusive offers. Free shipping.
Limited editions. Exclusive offers. Free shipping.
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To become contributing members, applicants must display general excellence, a commitment to their documentary work and their relationship to Philadelphia.

What is Wash West Gallery?

Wash West Gallery is a digital-first art gallery intended to help documentary photographers who live or have worked in Philadelphia to prosper online through the sale of prints.

How does it work?

Apply for membership, sign the agreement, upload photos and related info, and sell your work online. Posters will be shipped directly to buyers and at least 25 percent of the proceeds will be paid to you.

Is this a good deal?

Decide for yourself: At a traditional bricks-and-mortar gallery, photographers may walk away with half of the proceeds but not before they incur the costs of editing, printing, framing, delivering and maybe even hanging the show, often to sell just one copy of each image.

At Wash West Gallery: Half of the default sale price goes for printing and shipping. Then, Wash West Gallery retains half of what's left for administrative services and members are paid the rest.

But all you have to do is upload images and related information, reducing your up-front costs to almost nothing. Every contributor gets the same deal but also has the option to charge higher prices and share that profit equally with Wash West Media.

How do I join?

Complete the: Contributing Member Application Form.

Can I find out more?

Just use the: Contact Form.